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5 bbl BrewHouse | Gas 2 Vessel (Brew Kettle & Mash Tun)

Glacier Tanks
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Brand Glacier Tanks
Stainless Steel SS304
Volume 5 Barrels (BBL)
Min. Total Volume 233 Gallons
Min. Working Volume 155 Gallons
Warranty 1 Year
Our Price: $62450.00
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5 BBL Complete BrewHouse Forced Air Gas w/ 2 Tanks

5 BBL Insulated Mash Tun (MT) with motor and rake
  • 233 gallon total volume
  • 155 gallon working volume
  • Sanitary brushed finish
  • Insulated 80mm w/ 2mm SS304 outer clad layer
  • 3mm SS304 tank body and 4mm dome and bottom
  • Top motor with VFD control
  • Top round glass manway with sight light
  • Thermowell and milled screen false bottom
  • Four Legs w/ adjustable feet
  • Mash tubing SS304
  • Rectangular manway with sight window and chute for manual grain out
  • CIP system
  • Complete with all valves and fittings
5 BBL Insulated Gas Fired Brew Kettle (BK)
  • 233 gallon total volume
  • 155 gallons working volume
  • Perlite insulated firebox designed for Midco EC300 forced air burner
  • 3mm SS304 tank body, 4mm SS304 dome top and bottom, and 2mm clad layer
  • Tangential Inlet for whirlpool
  • Tri Clamp 1" drain on 6" steam vent
  • CIP system
  • Burner included
Additional Features:
  • Grist hydrator with inlet
  • Wort pump w/ 2" x 1.5" Inlet-outlet 2HP with VFD control
  • Matching working platform stainless steel with all railing and stairs
  • Heat Exchanger/Plate Chiller 10m2 with tubing 6 way flow, NPT and Tri Clamp, with wort aeration
  • Flow station centralized valve center
  • Controller for control of temperatures and motors
  • Additional ferrules 3/4"-2" add $60.00 EA
  • Additional ferrules 3"-6" add $100.00 EA
Recommend voltage supplied 208v/240v/480v 3 phase 60Hz, can be special ordered with single phase 120/240v 60Hz. Pricing does not include shipping and crating, installation or onsite wiring and plumbing.

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