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Open Top Tanks

Glacier Tanks open top tanks are available from 132 gallons - 2000+ gallons which is ideal for craft brewers to commercial breweries, and a wide range of beverages and industries. Our open top tanks are constructed from food grade stainless steel SS304 with a 3-4 mm thickness, an interior sanitary finish with exterior side walls in a #4 dairy finish. All open top tanks come standard with 25% head space on top of working volume, and our 1 year warranty. Please see Specifications for additional upgrade options and information.

  • 25% head space
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Minimum 3mm thick stainless steel body; 4mm thick on 1000+ gallon
  • Adjustable legs with oversize feet
  • Flat, hinged lid
  • Sprayball for CIP
  • Valves, clamps, gaskets included
Min Volume in Gallons
Working Total
132 165
200 250
300 375
400 500
500 625
600 750
700 875
1000 1250
1500 1875
2000 2500
Sight level valves with polycarbonate tube $249.00
Manway Rectangular (13" x 17") on side $500.00
Casters (132 Gallon only) $150.00
Additional Ferrule (1 - 2.5) $60.00
Additional Ferrule (3 - 6) $100.00
Tank body insulation Call
Dimple jacket for glycol with 2 mm clad layer over top Call

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