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Tank pressure manways are available in stainless steel SS304 or SS316 (some are special order). Depending on the size of your tank, your tank manway will be either top or side mounted. Rectangular manways are commonly side mounted in mash tuns to facility the removal of grain. Elliptical manways are often found on bright beer tanks and fermenters, and offer both an inward and outward swinging door. Shadowless manways are designed to be mounted flush with the exterior of the tanks, thus creating no interior protrusions, or a lip inside, where unsanitary conditions can build up; they are recommended instead of their oval counterparts. Round manways are simply designed to be an access port for pressurized brewing systems. The maximum manway pressure rating is 60 PSI, but all manways are tested at 70 PSI.

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Manway & Manhole gaskets are available for all sizes of tanks manways that we carry. All sanitary manway gaskets are designed to meet today's sanitary standards with stainless steel brewing tanks. In general, EPDM and silicone gaskets are comparatively very similar, though silicone has a higher and wider temp range, while EPDM offers higher acidity resistance. FKM is Viton's® lower cost alternative while providing the same chemical properties.

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