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These adapters are used to convert Tri Clamp to the standard Industrial Style 1/4" air line connector.
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Notice: Do NOT use Cam and Groove couplings for compressed air or steam service!

Cam & Groove hose adapters allow quick, efficient hose connection capabilities. Coupling and uncoupling are performed with normal hand pressure against the cam levers and sliding the adapter into the coupler. All adapters are made from stainless steel SS316. These fittings may or may not be interchangeable with other manufacturers as there is no set standard for such adapters. These are not Tri Clamp fittings.

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Tri Clamp hose adapters come in variety of shapes, sizes, twists and turns. Whether you need a 90 degree bend adapter to mitigate hose kinking, a reducing adapter, or an extra long rigid adapter with additional barbs for higher pressure applications, our rubber hose adapters meet a variety of needs.

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Tri Clamp to NPT adapters offer a standard tapered thread that tightens the further the fitting is on the the nipple. Tri Clamp to NPS adapters, which are a straight threaded female without tapering, are excellent for heating elements or other fittings that pass through entirely. Both NPT and NPS share the same standard thread counts and fineness, the only difference being NPT are usually male and NPS are usually female.

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