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Our electric 3 phase power inverters are compatible with 3 phase pumps or motors, utilizing a power supply of single phase or 3 phase. Power inverters, from ½ to 3 HP, use a variable frequency drive to adjust the speed of pumps and motors to a ranged RPM, rather than full on or off. Nema 4x is a waterproof, wash down rating, while Nema 1 is standard. Power inverters are sized to the horsepower, or kilowatt rating of the motor.

We carry two brands of inverters. Our premium brand Lenze comes with a display, and potentiometers are available separately. Our economy brand Danfoss FC51 do not come with a display (LCP12) or potentiometer which are sold separately.

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Our sanitary brewing pumps are used primarily for filtered liquids (beer, cider, kombucha, spirits, etc...) and non-viscous fluids. Each centrifugal sanitary pump housing is made from stainless steel SS316, with a Leeson stainless steel washdown motor available in 1750 or 3500 RPMs, and ¾ - 3 HP models. Brewing pumps are outfitted with a 1½ inch Tri Clamp inlet & outlet and are designed to be used with our premium Lenze or economy Danfoss 1 - 3 phase power inverters, which allow for variable speeds. We stock common maintenance parts, including seals to keep your pump running smoothly.

All sanitary pumps are warrantied for 1 year on pump head and motor, and 30 days on seals (seals must be kept wet at all times). Stainless steel adjustable legs sold separately.

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