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Tri Clamp crosses are a great alternative to manifolds, and often found wielding a sanitary valve or two attached to regulate flow and direction. Unlike their Tee and Wye counterparts, crosses are biased to fluid flowing true, and are famous for bringing together long spool pipes that were otherwise left without a cross road.

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Tri Clamp long tees are a simplified manifold often found wielding a sanitary valve or two to regulate fluid direction. They have also been known to be found loitering with other Tri Clamp spools, and the occasional sight glass. We've even spied a rogue reducing tee lurking around.

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Tri Clamp manifolds are the godfathers of a multi-line piping system. Regardless of your situation, they always seem to have a way out, and often sport a sanitary valve or two just to make things interesting. Manifolds are a more economical solution than a chain gang of Tees, and more compact than multiple crosses, though they are known to be directionally challenged as the ports all face the same way.

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Tri Clamp wyes offer an evenly divided bi-directional splitter, or dual flow combiner. We'll let you decide which way you want to flow.

Tri Clamp U-Bends offer a smooth turning radius that minimizes fluid friction where an air lock may be needed, or a more creative use has seen inverted as air vents with perf screens, similar to the way electric lines run up into a u-bend on the outside of a building.

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