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A bowl reducer is a good solution when space is at a premium and a more significant reduction is needed (ie: 6 inch to 2 inch, where a concentric reducer may not fit. And while bowl implies they are mounted vertically with the larger opening upwards, that is by no means their limitation. It is not uncommon to turn them upside down, more as an adapter lid, and mount a pressure gauge to the NPT fitting with a sight glass to boot.

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End cap reducers are an alternative to concentric reducers when space is at a premium in confined areas. While they are called reducers, they are often used more as an increaser flowing from smaller to larger diameter which makes them suitable as well in horizontal flow applications, without causing pooling. Their hard 90° edges, however, may cause agitation, in which case a bowl reducer may be a more suitable alternative. Another popular application for cap reducers is being placed vertically atop a Tri Clamp stack and acting as a clean out or sanitation port.

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Tri Clamp concentric reducers, as their name implies, reduce in diameter towards the center thus forming a conical cylinder. A concentric reducer is often used inline on a vertical flow application, or if laid horizontally, as an increaser. We do not recommend reducing in the horizontal as pooling may occur. In these cases, an eccentric reducer, which lays flat on one side is preferable. Concentric reducers have a lower chance of producing agitation like an end cap reducer may.

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Tri Clamp eccentric reducers are designed primarily to reduce in a horizontal flow application. Because they are flat on one side, their is no risk of pooling, unlike their concentric reducer counterparts.They are also well suited when one end is offset from the other in a vertical position. They are designed to be inserted inline and have a lower chance of producing agitation.

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