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End cap reducers are an alternative to concentric reducers when space is at a premium in confined areas. While they are called reducers, they are often used more as an increaser flowing from smaller to larger diameter which makes them suitable as well in horizontal flow applications, without causing pooling. Their hard 90° edges, however, may cause agitation, in which case a bowl reducer may be a more suitable alternative. Another popular application for cap reducers is being placed vertically atop a Tri Clamp stack and acting as a clean out or sanitation port.

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Tri Clamp end caps with cutouts offer a blank slate onto which another sanitary fitting can be welded. Whether you?re transitioning from Tri Clamp to weld fitting, or have your own imaginative purpose, our end cap cutouts are appropriately sized to fit our offering of weld fittings.

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Tri Clamp end caps often play an important role in the sanitation process, allowing an open end to be sanitary sealed preventing additional debris from accumulating. End caps are quick and easy to mount or dismount with a pressure clamp.

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Special end caps function as an all-in-one solution to what may otherwise be a jumbled cluster of tri clamp fittings and adapters.

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