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Midco Forced Air Burners

Economite Series & LP Conversion Kits

Midco Forced Air Burners

Midco Economite Forced Air Burners

Midco Economite series power gas burners are proudly made by Midco International. Midco burners to emit concentrated flames, come with an air blower motor and are designed to be used in a closed insulated box, such as those on Glacier Tanks kettles and hot liquor tanks. Each Midco burner is UL tested and approved. Constructed from sheet metal, these burners offer excellent cost to value ratios. Each is assembled and factory tested. Installation is effortless with the integrated junction box and universal mounting flange. Burners run on natural gas, but can be converted to propane with an LP conversion kit. Glacier Tanks strongly recommends installation by a local professional, and per local codes.

  • Temperature controller hardware is sold separately.
  • Midco burners are drop shipped directly from Midco Int'l, and are non returnable.
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