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Tri Clamp & Perlick-Style Sample Valves

Sample Valves

Sample Valves

Tri Clamp sample valves are commonly attached to a conical fermenter, brite beer tank, or brew kettle, and allow for sampling and verification during fermentation or aging. We carry Tri Clamp Perlick-style sample valves, which are compatible with Perlick accessories like carbonation testers.


During the quality control process on our newest Perlick-style sample valves we discovered that they have a small amount of silicone oil from the manufacturing process on them. This silicone oil is sanitary, and it is used to safely remove the part from machines during manufacturing. By disassembling this part and using your normal cleaning practices this oil can be completely removed and not pose any risks to your product. It is also recommended to clean and sanitize all fittings, tanks, and parts before implementing them in your facility.

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