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Tri Clamp Tank Sight Glasses - Sizes: 1 - 4 in. in Stainless Steel

Tank Sight Glasses

Tank Sight Glass

Tank sight glasses offer the ability to view product within the tank without exposing it to outside elements. This allows for fermentation or other processes to be monitored visually in the midst of operation. They are often installed as a semi-permanent fixture on a variety of tanks. An electric LED tank sight glass is offered as an option for those with a need to see further into their product. Each stainless steel tank sight glass comes apart for easy cleaning.

High Pressure Sight Glasses

We offer Tri Clamp high-pressure tank sight glasses available here.

Tank Weld Sight Glasses have moved here.

Disclaimer: Tank sight glass hardware (gaskets and replacement glass) are designed to fit Glacier Tanks' sight glasses only. We cannot guarantee they will fit any other manufacturers, and once purchased, gaskets are non-returnable per FDA regulation.
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