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Tri Clamp Instrument & Long Tees

Stainless Steel Sanitary Fittings


Tri Clamp Long Tees

Tri Clamp tees are a simplified manifold used to regulate fluid direction. Additionally, tees can be used in succession to build simple inline oxygen rigs for brewing systems.

Instrument Tees

Tri Clamp instrument tees appear similar to the long tees, but with a shorter branch to minimize dead space are designed to allow the installation of pressure gauges and other similar instruments.

Reducing Tees

Tri Clamp reducing tees, much like regular tees, are a simple manifold with only one port. A reducing tee, however, has the advantage of saving the user two (2) clamp & gasket connections where an inline reducer would otherwise sit. These small added conveniences add up over time saving not only time, but money as well in the long run.

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