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Tri Clamp Sanitary Spools | Special Design

NPT, Weld Base, Jacketed, or Sleeved Sanitary Spools

Special Design Spools

NPT Sanitary Spools

NPT sanitary spools provide an easy avenue to mount a pressure or temperature gauge, process sensor, or other accessory directly inline. NPT/NPS port size is based on NPT/NPS pipe size interior diameter (ID).

Sleeved / Jacketed Sanitary Spools

Sleeved or jacketed spools function as cooling chambers that can be filled with dry ice, chilled alcohol, LN2, or any counter flow liquid to drastically reduce the temperature of the medium inside the spool itself. Sleeved spools come with a 1 inch Tri Clamp bottom drain, and jacketed spools come with two 1/2 inch FNPTs.

Tri Clamp Sanitary Tanks

Tri Clamp sanitary tanks are an economical solution for small home brewing, act as a portable tank, or a popular choice for small batches. The Tri Clamp ferrule top makes them compatible in a variety of other applications, such as a liquid collection tank. You can also view our Sanitary Tank Lids.

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