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Tri Clamp Sanitary Tanks

Tri Clamp sanitary tanks are an economical solution for small home brewing, act as a portable tank, or a popular choice for small batches. The Tri Clamp ferrule top makes them compatible in a variety of other applications, such as a liquid collection tank.

Hemispherical Domed Sanitary Tank Lids

Hemispherical Domed Sanitary Tank Lids provide a superior pressure rating performance over their flat lid counterparts, and are commonly found in systems operating over 100 PSI. Each domed lid comes with two angled sight glass process views, two standard 1/4 inch FNPT ports for for instruments such as pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, and more. Additional each sanitary lid features one 3/8 inch JIC vapor or recovery port, while the main fill port is a 2 inch Tri Clamp drop tube (flush with bottom or long extended depending on the model of lid). A secondary 1.5 inch Tri Clamp ferrule is placed opposite the JIC / FNPT ports.

Tri Clamp Sanitary Tank Lids

Tri Clamp sanitary tank lids offer a versatile mounting surface with an assortment of Tri Clamp ferrules and NPT ports onto which a pressure gauge, relief valve, sight glass process view, a kitchen sink, and other fittings may be attached. The compact design makes it a favorite of the home brew enthusiast.

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