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Wine / Whiskey Barrel Tri Clamp Fittings & Manways

Threaded Tri Clamp Taps & Pressure Manways for Spirit Barrel Conversion

Barrel Conversions

Barrel Conversion Fittings

Barrel manways and fittings are intended to modify wine or spirits barrels to suit brewers' needs. Used together, they can convert a standard barrel or puncheon into a mini foeder, fruiting vessel, or just a small neutral fermenter on a budget. Our designs have made installation simple and quick.

Barrel Manways

Barrel manways are designed to be used in conjunction with a variety of wine or spirit barrels. The barrel manway uses a stainless steel bolted flange design which allows for mounting to the head of a wood barrel. Results will vary with barrel quality and care, but a properly mounted manway can allow for upright or side orientations, soft CO2 transfers, and other uses. The manway gives the brewer better access into the barrel for hop / fruit / other additions, easy cleaning, or for alternative oak methods in neutral barrels.

Tri Clamp Barrel Taps

Tri Clamp barrel tap fittings are our uniquely designed thread type to allow for effective sealing with wood. We have designed several different versions for different sized bung holes and stave thicknesses. Our tap fittings allow for tri clamp instruments such as temperature gauges, sample ports, valves, and more to be used on the barrel without the need for additional connection types or adapters.

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