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DIN 11851 Welding Liners | Imperial & Metric

Deutsches Institut fur Normung (DIN) Fittings

Welding Liners

DIN Welding Liners

DIN welding liners make up one side of a DIN union and fit into the welding male with a gasket of choice. The round nut then presses the welding liner and welding male together compressing the gasket and forming a tight seal.

Understanding DIN fittings

DIN 11851 fittings are used extensively throughout Europe and the UK, and as such are the most common European fittings encountered in the US. A complete DIN union consists of a slotted DIN round nut, a threaded welding male, a gasket and welding liner. The welding male and welding liner are available in both Imperial and metric tube sizes, however the threads of the welding male and round nut are always measured in metric (mm) sizes. The most common points of confusion are two fold:

  1. The welding liner fits into the welding male, thus the liner acts 'male' and the male 'female', but it is the welding male that fits inside the round nut.
  2. DIN fittings are sized together via their metric measurement, but the liner and male tube size is available in both metric and imperial. Thus in the US, imperial males and liners are commonly welded onto inch-based tubing.


    To use 1.5 inch tubing, we would weld onto a 1.5 in. (40mm) welding liner and/or welding male. These would be joined via a 40mm gasket and round nut.


Incorrect sizing is common with DIN 11851 fittings. Please review our DIN 11851 Guide for assistance in sizing your DIN 11851 fitting.

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DIN-14I-G100 DIN Weld Liner | 1 in. (25mm) - 3A
DIN-14I-G150 DIN Weld Liner | 1.5 in. (40mm) - 3A
DIN-14-GDN100 DIN Weld Liner | 100mm - SS304
DIN-14I-G200 DIN Weld Liner | 2 in. (50mm) - 3A
DIN-14I-G250 DIN Weld Liner | 2.5 in. (65mm) - 3A
DIN-14-GDN25 DIN Weld Liner | 25mm - SS304
DIN-14I-G300 DIN Weld Liner | 3 in. (80mm) - 3A
DIN-14I-G400 DIN Weld Liner | 4 in. (100mm) - 3A
DIN-14-GDN40 DIN Weld Liner | 40mm - SS304
DIN-14-GDN50 DIN Weld Liner | 50mm - SS304
DIN-14-GDN65 DIN Weld Liner | 65mm - SS304
DIN-14-GDN80 DIN Weld Liner | 80mm - SS304

12 Items

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