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Efficient & Elegant for Industrial or Commercial Application


Why use a Glacier Tanks Brewhouse for Brewing?

Glacier Tanks brewhouses offer thoughtfully designed equipment that make brewing easier. Our commercial line of kettles are designed for high efficiency and and our commercial line of mash tuns are loaded with features which simplify maintenance and are designed for ease of use.

Each of our brewhouses is designed with the Glacier Tanks touch screen control system, brewing platform, water blending, pumps, heat exchanger, and all piping. The piping for the system is tied together via our valve-logic manifold system which allows the brewer to change liquid pathways with the turn of just a few valves, as opposed to a flow panel which requires removing and replacing clamps and gaskets on jumpers between sets of valves. Our valve-logic manifold system increases ease of use for the brewer on brew day by removing the need for extra physical action to change pathways. Our Glacier Tanks touchscreen control system has a dual location interface providing full control of the system at either location, one screen on the brew deck and the other at ground level near the grain-out door for on-the-fly, VFD control of the rakes and wiper during grain-out.

Your brewery's logo will be etched onto the glass manways of each tank to add your signature to the system.

Customizations are easily possible, and we make every effort to make sure the systems conform to any unique processes you might have in your production. Prices shown are for our commercial design without any customizations.

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