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Commercial Brew Kettles

Stainless steel steam jacketed, gas fired, insulated boil kettles

Brew Kettles

Brew Kettles

A brew kettle is an integral part of the brewing process. This large "cooking pot" can be used to initially boil water that will be transferred to a hot liquor tank (if the brewery utilizes one), and boil the wort once it exits the mash tun. Brew kettles operate at very high temperatures, and boil over is a concern when selecting an appropriate size. Brew kettles are usually the first significant investment most amateur and professional brewers make. Strong preference is given to stainless steel because it is non-reactive, meaning it won't leach 'flavor' into your brew, and is significantly easier to clean and maintain than an enamel or aluminum counter part.

Our stainless steel brew kettles are available from 3 barrel to 30+ barrels which is ideal for craft brewers to commercial breweries, and a wide range of beverages and industries. Our brew kettles are constructed from food grade stainless steel SS304 with a 3-4 mm thickness, an interior sanitary finish with exterior side walls in a #4 dairy finish. All kettles come standard with 50% head space on top of working volume, and our 1 year warranty. Our brew kettles are beautifully designed for the discriminating brewer and loaded with many standard features that provide commercial brewery functionality for all brewers alike.

Please see Specifications for additional upgrade options and information.
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