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Sales Tax Notice

Why Are We Collecting Tax?

Due to the Supreme Court case of South Dakota vs Wayfair, Inc., Glacier Tanks has begun collecting sales tax in those states where such tax is required and we have economic nexus. However, most states allow exemptions from sales tax for certain entities.

Sales Tax Exemption

If you are a reseller or manufacturer using Glacier Tanks parts and want to obtain your state's tax-exempt certification, we have done some research on your behalf below. Please visit your state's website and fill out the respective form (Reseller / Manufacturer / Other). If you have already obtained your state's tax-exempt certificate, please send it to us and we will happily mark your account as tax-exempt. To do so, email the following to [email protected]:

  • State Tax-Exempt Certification: Scanned or legible photo (phone OK).
  • Account Login Email(s) - So we know which account(s) to exempt
  • Name & best contact phone - In case we have questions
Glacier Tanks Sales Tax by State

We are learning as we go and your help is invaluable to us! If you find a mistake, or broken link, or know of improvements we can make please let us know at [email protected].

State Sales Tax Website Exemption PDF Form Link
Alabama -    
Alaska No Sales Tax
Arizona Yes Website  
Arkansas -    
California Yes Website Resale
Colorado Yes Website Exemption
Connecticut -    
Delaware No Sales Tax
Florida Yes Website  
Georgia Yes Website Sales Tax
Hawaii -    
Idaho -    
Illinois Yes Website Resale
Indiana Yes Website Resale
Iowa Yes Website  
Kansas Yes Website Resale
Kentucky Yes Website Resale
Louisiana -    
Maine Yes Website Resale
Maryland Yes Website Website
Massachusetts Yes Website Exemption Forms
Michigan Yes Website Sales Tax
Minnesota Yes Website Certificate
Mississippi -    
Missouri -
Montana No Sales Tax
Nebraska -    
Nevada -    
New Hampshire No Sales Tax
New Jersey Yes Website Resale
New Mexico -    
New York -    
North Carolina Yes Website Sales Tax
North Dakota -    
Ohio Yes Website Exemptions
Oklahoma Yes Website Sales Tax
Oregon No Sales Tax
Pennsylvania Yes Website Certificate
Puerto Rico -    
Rhode Island -    
South Carolina -    
South Dakota -    
Tennessee -    
Texas -    
Utah Yes Website Sales Tax
Vermont -    
Virginia Yes Website Sales Tax
Washington Yes Website Reseller
Washington DC -    
West Virginia -    
Wisconsin Yes Website Sales Tax
Wyoming -    

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The quality of products and speed of shipping was excellent. Glacier Tanks are a great company to work with.
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They have everything you would need, fast shipping, smart and nice customer service.