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Tri Clamp Ball Valves

Tri clamp ball valves are made from stainless steel SS304 and offer full port, unobstructed flow. A ball valve is often placed on the end of CIP piping. Our ball valves are available in standard or 3-piece encapsulated. Our standard ball valves can handle 250 PSI, while the encapsulated models are rated up to 1000 WOG. All valve handles swing out from center, and encapsulated models allow locking of the handle.

Tri Clamp Ball Valve Seats

BALL-Gxxx - We do not carry seals for the standard ball valves.
BV2CV-ECON-Gxxx - These ball valves use the BV2CV-SEAL-ECON-xxx-KIT-PTFE seals.
BV2CV-Rxxx - These ball valves use the BV2CV-SEAL-xxx-KIT-PTFE seals.

Disclaimer: Valve seals are designed to fit Glacier Tanks ball valves only. We cannot guarantee they will fit other manufacturers, and once purchased, valve seals are non-returnable per FDA regulation.

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