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Tri Clamp Screen Spools & Filters

Filter Plates, Air Vents, and Stackable Screen Spools


Screen Gasket Support Spool

Tri Clamp Stackable Screen Gasket Support Spools are used in conjunction with tri clamp screen gaskets and have a rigid surface across the face of the spool, called a perforated plate. This perforated plate is 3mm thick with 6.5mm holes, and is aligned flush with the end of the spool creating a face for tri clamp gaskets to rest against. When filtered sediment accumulates at the face of the screen gasket increasing pressure, the perforated plate holds the gasket in place and prevents any screen displacement.

Tri Clamp Air Vents

Tri Clamp air vents prevent any pressure build from occurring in non-pressure tanks such as water storage.

Filter Plates

Tri Clamp filter plates provide support for the perforated mesh screen, and both united act as a compact inline fluid filtration / strainer system.

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