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Single Hinge Clamps

Single Hinge Clamps

Glacier Tanks single hinge pressure clamps are available in sizes ranging from ¾ inch up to 12 inches. Larger sizes are available by special order. Single hinge pressure clamps are an ideal solution for most intended Tri Clamp fitting connections. The wing nut style tightening screw allows for quick and easy assembly without the need for extensive tools.

Glacier Tanks recommends that all standard single hinge pressure clamps be tightened by hand, with an additional maximum of two turns using a screw driver to apply proper pressure and ensure a solid, leak free seal. However, over tightening a pressure clamp may cause the gasket to fail from over-compression and place too much tension on the clamp threads.

Learn more about clamp sizing & gaskets in our Tri Clamp Sizing Guide.

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