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Mini Sight Glass Assembly

With Interchangeable End Connections

Mini Sight Glass

Mini Sight Glass

The long awaited customizable mini sight glass is finally here. The ideal solution for inline reading of fluid flow, color, or opacity; using NPT or JIC fittings. Or, if reading a Tri-Clamp port coming off of a tank or pressure vessel, then transitioning to a JIC or NPT hose. We offer 8 connection options to fit your needs. We also use standard 3/8" Tri-Clamp Gaskets to seal the glass inline, so if your process needs more chemical resistance, changing from a Silicone to an FKM gasket is a simple switch. The high quality borosilicate gauge glass has a through bore of 5/16", maximizing the connection options and visibility, while being short enough to not drastically affect fluid flow from its bore size.

The Sight Glass Assembly - Instructions

To build a complete sight glass you will need to Add to Cart the 3 main components:

  • The Core Case + 3/4 in. Glass Tube
  • Two (2) 3/8 inch gaskets of your choice (FKM, Silicone)
  • Two (2) sight glass ends (SGM-END-xxxx) of your choice (same or different).


  • 1 x SGM-CORE-G075-003 (case + glass)
  • 2 x 42MPSFY-0375-FDA (2 x FKM gaskets)
  • 1 x SGM-END-GFN6 (female NPT)
  • 1 x SGM-END-GMJ6 (male JIC)
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