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System Mounting Racks & Vessel Clamps

Extraction System Rolling Carts & Accessories

Mounting Systems

System Mounting Racks

Three different sizes of system racks are available:

  • 23 in. x 24 in. (small)
  • 23 in. x 45 in. (medium)
  • 34 in. x 45 in. (large)

The small & medium (23 in. deep) platforms have the rack offset to one side for a front facing work area, while the large unit has a centered rack allowing mounting on both sides without the risk of tipping inherent to the small & medium rack. Vessel clamps are sold separately.

Note: Please select TBA for shipping so we can determine the best and least expensive way to ship to your location.

Vessel Clamps

Vessel clamps are designed to mount any cylindrical vessel or tank to the system rack. The body is made from stainless steel 304 and a silicon cushion that holds components rigidly without damaging them. Vessel clamps fit standard spool & tank diameters between 4 in. - 12 in. , plus an oversized 14 in. clamp for jacketed 12 in. vessels. The non-economy clamps also feature a reversible clamp on the rack side so that you can mount your components in horizontal or vertical arrangements, whereas economy clamps can only be mounted vertically.

Extraction Disclaimer:

  • These product(s) are intended only for uses in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, and Glacier Tanks’ specifications. Depending on the type of oil you are extracting, these product(s) may not be legal to operate in some areas.
  • Glacier Tanks strongly discourages any unlawful use of these product(s) and is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by their misuse or unlawful use.
  • These product(s) are designed and intended for operation in well-ventilated outdoor areas.
  • Any person or entity that uses these product(s) or information provided by Glacier Tanks does so subject to Glacier Tanks’ Terms and Conditions, and accepts all liability concerning the use of the product(s) or information listed above.
  • DANGER! Never extract with butane or propane indoors. Doing so may cause serious injury or death.
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